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kings beach center

About the Project

Our Vision

The Kings Beach Center will reflect the community character and serve as an economic, community and environmental revitalization for the town. Our vision is to provide an opportunity to bring the site up to current environmental standards, provide an economic boost and create a vibrant, quality experience for locals and visitors.


For more than a decade, public input has helped guide today’s plan, which is to improve the physical attributes of the parcel in a way that is economically sustainable and responsive to environmental conditions.

The design will maintain the community character of Kings Beach with its blending of architectural styles and canopy of Jeffrey Pines, Incense Cedars and mixed-firs.

The uses for the site have been designed after years of community, County, TRPA and consultant input. The proposed project will be consistent with the Tahoe Area Plan and Kings Beach Vision Plan.

Design rendering courtesy of Design Workshop


kings beach center project location


Located on North Lake Blvd. between Coon St. and Fox St., with the exception of the mini-golf course, this 3.5 acre site is currently underutilized from an economic standpoint. The Kings Beach center and Eastern Gateway Redevelopment project team has made several rounds of revisions to the proposed design based on community feedback. The project will upgrade the parcel to include new retail and dining businesses, housing, parking, a library and plenty of outdoor space for the public to use and enjoy.

Benefits of Proposed Project

Stimulate the economy by creating new jobs and attracting more visitors to Kings Beach 

Keep tourism dollars in Kings Beach by adding lodging in the Basin and reducing single-day trips

Create civic use space, including a public library

Increase neighboring property values by improving the aesthetic of the commercial core

Improve community gathering space and encourage walking and biking

Improve the sustainability of Kings Beach and Lake Tahoe with new buildings that meet modern environmental standards and sustainability goals of the Tahoe Basin Area Plan


Q: What is the vision of the project?

A: The town center and hotel were designed to capture more of Kings Beach tourism, keeping money in town by giving visitors lodging, dining, entertainment and recreation options to keep them from having to travel to other communities in North Lake Tahoe to fulfill their vacation needs. The projects will also mitigate environmental impacts by reducing vehicle miles traveled by people making trips in and out of the basin.

Q: How will the project team mitigate increased traffic?

A: Traffic mitigation efforts will be dictated by findings identified in the Environmental Impact Report. The projects are on the main public transit route with bus stops directly in front of Eastern Gateway workforce housing and the Kings Beach Center.

Q: Will there be enough parking to accommodate the projects?

A: There is sufficient parking for the condos and the hotel between designated parking spaces and overflow public parking spaces on Salmon Avenue, pursuant to the plan.

Q: Will the projects scale and décor reflect the existing North Lake Tahoe charm?

A: The only building that features four floors is the hotel; condos will be three-stories. All building plans are within height restrictions and are consistent with Placer County, TRPA and Kings Beach Visioning requirements. The project team is taking care to create the kind of space that compliments Kings Beach and is confident that the plans are more architecturally consistent with what residents want to see in Kings Beach and North Lake Tahoe.

Q: Do the projects account for workforce housing?

A: We are pleased to offer workforce housing through the new Eastern Gateway project, which will serve the proposed projects as well as other Kings Beach employees.

Q: What is the project team’s timeline for building?

A: The project team is currently in the process of determining the scope of work for the Environmental Impact Report and will then submit the project for approval. There will be a notice of preparation and public hearings at the county and TRPA level. The project team doesn’t anticipate potential approvals for another year or longer.

Q: How will the team support creating additional retail?

A: We are only adding approximately 3,000 square feet of more commercial space in the Kings Beach Center than what is already existing. The developer has confidence in the location for retail businesses and is currently working with prospective tenants to fill the space.

Q: What is the plan for relocating commercial and residential tenants?

A: The developer has a broker looking for an old building to upgrade and make available to any commercial tenants wanting to relocate. It is imperative that the property be within one or two miles of the Kings Beach Center. Placer County is responsible for relocating residential tenants.

Conceptual Site Renderings

Eastern Gateway

Kings Beach Center

Project Planning and Approval Process

  • Placer County and TRPA Project Environmental Review and Entitlement Process Review

  • Public listening session

  • Application submittal

  • North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council

  • Focused public meetings/workshops

  • Planning Commission Review and Approval

  • Placer County Board of Supervisors Review and Approval

  • TRPA Review and Approval

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